Sean Cardinal O’Malley
Archdiocese of Boston
66 Brooks Drive
Braintree, MA 02184
Your Eminence,
I filed a canonical complaint against Cardinal Dolan for suppressing my slideshow/lecture ( about the Shroud of Turin. The complaint can be found at My correspondence with the Roman Rota and Pope Francis is at

I am saying there is no evidence the Holy Shroud is authentic, and Cardinal Dolan is saying there is a lot of evidence. My theory about the cause of this conflict is that Cardinal Dolan is unclear about the difference between the Resurrection of Jesus as an historical event and as an act of faith.

I asked for a moderated discussion at This request was anonymously refused on 1/11/15:

We have not posted anything about the Shroud of Turin because it is outside the scope of our focus on NA. The authenticity of the shroud does not concern the essentials of Catholic teaching, and belief in said authenticity is, in our understanding, entirely optional. We hope you are able to come to a satisfactory solution in your canonical dispute with Cardinal Dolan.

I consider this response disingenuous. My guess is that the author has the same weaknesses as Cardinal Dolan. Be that as it may, I don’t think our writing and reading skills are good enough for us to understand why my slideshow is not being used by the Catholic Church to promote faith in Jesus. For this reason, I am formally asking you for a personal appointment.

Asking the blessing of Your Eminence, I am, Yours respectfully in Christ,

David Roemer
cc: Judy Haglof
mailed with a certificate of mailing
response from Cardinal's Office dated March 3, 2015